Saturday, 3 April 2010

April is here Part 1

 Yihaa! I had this calendar page on my fridge door all ready to go on 31.3. I followed the March page in style as it was easy to create and colourful to watch. 
I can see that many of my posts carry apologies for bad pictures due bad light. I managed to snap some pictures of my recent production, while the sun was out(just a little, so image quality isn't quite as good as I could wish for), so you can see why my fingertips have been smoking. (And why I haven't answered anyone's emails, texts and calls). The Elf son's school had a fundraising shopping event and I usually offer my skills as a therapist for the evening to raise money. This time I did just that and in addition had a little table with my crafts as well.
Here are the Livia Dolls from April '10 Edition:

I think these girls are rather cute and to accompany them there were two Wolfie boy dolls:

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