Monday, 29 March 2010

Crafting and Messy

Where is this month going so fast? I have been soooo busy with life in general and making some crafts for selling, so this post will be short. The above pictured half made dollies are part of my effort. I try to get pictures of the finished ones as well. At the moment the light is too bad for photographing.

I have seen on the net several articles about creative people's working spaces and it never ceases fascinate me. Now, I don't have a dedicated studio, neither do I have to work on the dining table. My therapy room doubles as a sewing/crafting/painting room/office. I love my big, old Victorian chest of draws, filled with my sewing things. I must admit that it is not quite enough for all my stuff. Here is one of the draws where some of my material stash lives in neat piles.

As many other crafty people I am quite obsessive about having my space well organised, but not under the creative process. Then it looks more like this on the table:

And on the floor:

Yes, bad, isn't it? See you soon with hopefully nicer pictures.

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