Wednesday, 27 January 2010

From the Doll Archives

This is a doll I made about a year ago. The story is rather similar to the Princess' birthday party. The Elf son was invited and I was the Royal Purveyor of the Present, as usual. The little Lady who was to receive this doll is herself rather an artistic girl. I thought she would appreciate a doll, which was looking a bit like her. The doll was made of a mixture of old and new fabrics/ lace/ buttons. I painted the face with acrylic paints and filled her with English sheep wool.

Afterwards I heard that she was awfully pleased about the specs, as she wears them herself. Obviously the Big Brother had immediately removed these from the doll, which had caused a little skirmish between the siblings. Luckily the specs were made to be removed. I remember as a child being thoroughly frustrated with dolls and soft toys with non-removable "bits" like collars, jewellery, hats and specs. I thought that it would be awfully unpleasant for my charges to sleep wearing these things.

I toyed with an idea making these for sale, as I enjoyed producing this one. I made a few more, but was not that happy with them and admit that they still sit in my draw. I could easily make more, if anybody wants to have their handmade dolly. They are suitable for over three year olds and adults too! Obviously I can make dollies for younger children, but I would then do away with the painted face and any "loose" bits. (Obviously the face would be there, but embroided, I think.)
My absolutely favourire bits about this doll were her specs

and her green felt mary-janes.

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