Saturday, 2 January 2010

Calendar and Snow

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning. The pictures are from Papa Elf's morning walk in the snow:

This amount of snow is not common around here. We are normally seeing rain and if we are lucky a dusting of snow. The snow is still there, not as thick and pretty, but covering the ground nevertheless.

I am changing my plan and inserting a fresh project here I made yesterday after we have built snowmen and -woman, sledged and generally frolicked in the snow. We needed a calendar to hang on our fridge door. For our family it just needs to have very little space for each day to show the upcoming birthdays and to give us a quick overview of  where we are in the month. (Not that it helps us to remember to send the cards, as our friends and  family would be able to tell). All our "proper" organising happens in a diary, which lives next to our phone.

I went to one of the "print free calendar" sites and chose a simple calendar, which left space for a picture on an A4 sized paper. I left the "2010" out of the design, as I thought that even my amnesia is not that bad that I would forget which year we are in. I hope that my February design is bit more exciting, the January needed doing quickly and we had just had a big dump of snow, hence the snow flakes.
I printed out all the months of the year, but I think I will make the February page in the end of January and so forth. In that way I will get a calendar which reflects my mood for the coming month. In this way I will also avoid hanging a big bunch of paper on my fridge door. I hope that the Elf Son will agree to design as many of the months as possible. Editors note: The Elf Son has already been to request a page for March, that's his birthday month, so my plans of making a month at a time might change. Aw, just noticed that I haven't made a stellar job of glueing my paper cut pieces...

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