Sunday, 9 August 2015

Order in fabrics and flowers

I like order. I like systems for keeping order. For me the orderly things are beautiful, but that is not why I like it. OK, maybe 5%, but the rest is about easily finding things and easily putting away what I have used. I ran into Marie Kondo and her Konmari type of tidying on several blogs. I have not read the book and although I have decided to read it just to see if there might be more useful stuff for me, I think I have already extracted the best bit for my purposes: The way she folds and stores clothes, towels and in my case now fabrics, is genius. At the same time it is so logical that I wonder why I have not thought about it before.

Basically she has everything stored vertically in draws or boxes. You see everything at a glance and it is easy to extract what you need without disturbing the rest and equally easy to put it back.

My coloured cottons have lived in old grocer's mushroom boxes since we moved. The colours have been sorted, but I had them stacked in piles inside the boxes. This resulted in a mess after couple of rounds of sewing. Getting to a certain piece of fabric always meant disturbing the whole pile.

These still live where they were before, but my system is improved vastly, because I can seewhat I have. My neutral cottons are in a different place, more about those later.

I also have couple of boxes filled with knit fabrics for doll making.

My husband and son claim that I am OCD with my wish to have order and this might come least borderline. I visited Josie's shop&studio and needed a small scrap of certain colour. She directed me to her scrap bags, which were in colour families. I edit my scraps about yearly and while I was at it I thought that Josie's system would make it easier for me to find that certain scrap I am after.

Did I tell you I have a cutting garden on our allotment? I am enjoying having pretty flowers in the house and suprising my friends with them. Here is my living room bouquet today:

Do you have ways of keeping your sewing/craft supplies in good order? Leave a link if you have blogged abut this, because I LOVE to see other people's work spaces and ways of organising their supplies.


Sanna said...

Ai ai että mun silmä lepää näissä kuvissa :)

Mama Elf said...

Ootko lukenu tota Marie Kondon kirjaa? Siis eipä että sull aolis ihmeemmin karsimista...mutta ajattelin että sieltä saattais löytyä lisää hyviä vinkkejä.

Sanna said...

En ole lukenut vielä vaikka nimi on tuttu. Ilmeisen suosittua kamaa, kun kirjastossakin oli 800 varausta :) Täytyy tutustua!