Saturday, 10 January 2015

Bags for rags and laundry

I have a slightly bigger project going's a smallish house project and this is going to be part of it. I made some gifts for house before we moved. This is sort of continuation of that. I have a bag for our "kitchen laundry"; dishcloths and napkins. I have used a tote bag for the purpose, but now I wanted to have one, which would go with the others.

I use rags in the kitchen and I wanted to have a bag for them too. I found a really cool tea towel on a boot sale and didn't want to use it as such, as it is one of those lovely vintage linen ones, which are not made any more. It was made to commemorate the coronation of the Queen.

I wanted to embroider "rags" on it, as I know that otherwise the rags and the contents of the laundry bag will get mixed up. When I had done that, I could not stop, but had to add "to riches". The text on the tea towel makes it to "RAGS TO CORONATION RICHES". Not that I think that ER II was exactly poor before her coronation!

The back of the bag mentions the year.

Have you re-purposed vintage textiles you love to something else?


Angie Church said...

my mother, grandmother and daughter are the sewers in this family and yes I have seen them reuse quite often I love your laundry bag by the way so super cute

Mama Elf said...

Thanks Angie! For me it is a bonus, if I can reuse some material. This time the teatowel was not even used, but one of my projects cooking is using old sheets (ripped) to make mats. Watch this space!