Friday, 1 November 2013

Washbag and papercutting

...not that they have anything to do with each other. I made a washbag (again) for one of our nieces. She is 18 today and had at some point wished one of these. I decided to take a gamble and make one without asking whether she still needed one. Luckily she liked the bag and I guess at her age with sleepovers and festivals and all sorts of travelling there is always use for one of these.

All the fabrics apart the green one are from IKEA. The lining is waterproof and the outside thick cotton. I had them in my stash, I don't think that the outer fabric is in production any more. I admit that it became either too long or too low, the proportions are not quite as I wanted them to be.  I was working to a tight deadline and had not time to adjust by starting all over again.

Here are some inside details:

I have made two papercuts lately. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the first and the better one. I sent this little card to our niece.

Again I wish I had started earlier to have had more time to get it right. I am at the moment very fascinated by the possibilities of papercutting, I would like  to try to make some pictures with it. Watch this space!


Laura said...

Tyylikäs toilettilaukku! Yksityiskohdat kruunaavat kokonaisuuden. :)

Mama Elf said...

Kiitos Laura! Lahjan saaja oli tyytyväinen, mikä tietenkin oli pääasia!