Friday, 2 August 2013

Garden News

I promised to show my grapes as they are now. They have started to change their colour.

The view from the "front" door of my polytunnel:

It has now reached the stage where everything has exploded and I have given up trying to keep the plants in check. I merely try to spot the harvest amongst all the greenery. I photographed some cukes from my jungle for you to see:

The tomatoes have gone wild as well, but are not ripening as yet. I think I better cut their tops soon, so we can start to enjoy  the harvest.

Usually I open both doors for the day, but I might have to start to use my screen doors.  All sorts of critters seem to think that it is free for all situation. I have been finding a black bird in the tunnel rather more often than I am comfortable with.  I removed 5 big snails from there too. Luckily they were  mainly in the passion vine, which can tolerate to be munched. I also noticed that some of my grapes looked as if they had exploded. It didn't take long for me to figure out that as I am not watering the vine, the culprits are the sweet thirsty wasps. I even found one red handed or should I say with red nose/mouth!

The weekend promises nice weather (again!) and I hope to be in the garden some of the time, although I expect that I will be ripping some wallpaper down as well. 

Have a nice weekend and I'll be back next week telling you about my exploits in our nest!

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