Sunday, 21 August 2011

Retro Cats

I saw a delightful retro style poster in pinkfriday's blog displaying two playful cats. I got very bad attack of wanties and tried first to find out where I might buy the said picture. I could not find it. (Although I did not ask the blogger, which would have been the logical thing to do).

Then I thought that this could be a perfect paper cut project. I really wanted it in minimum A3 size and as I live in the sticks there is nowhere to buy coloured A3 paper. Buying it on the net in two colours with postage would have pumped the price up to unacceptable. I then had a marvelous idea; I could do my version in fabric! Applique would be the answer. I used machine applique and hand embroidery to make the picture.

As you see I changed it slightly from the original to be more "mine". Nevertheless I also admit that this is copying, but for private use only, no intention to sell. I put it in a cheap IKEA frame, which I painted orange red. I also left the glass bit out, as it looks better without. have you been "borrowing" ideas lately?

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