Saturday, 25 June 2011

Surfacing from life that happens and filing it

Hello and thank-you for hanging on there, should you still be here with me.  It is really nice to be back. I have had quite a tumultuous spring in a good way and that has meant that a lot has been written, but that lot not being the blog. It all revolves around some changes in our family life, but I am not going to go into detail just now.

I have been firing on all fronts and although I have not blogged, I have created. Maybe not as much as usual, but still. So this and following posts are going to be playing a bit of catch up.

I have had this file prettifying project in my mind a long time and got to realise it at last.  I have quite a lot of files, both for our family papers and for my work. They are kept on open shelves and in order them take as little attention as possible, I have chosen to have them in white.

This is how it all looked like, all white and green in different degree of yellowing.

I had a few ideas how to replace the backs, but ended up colour coding them according to the use. Our family files in one group, my sewing in another, my therapy files in third etc. I used textiles I like and  scanned them. I thought that it would be a lovely thing to do with the fabrics which I almost don't want to use, because they are so delicious. I could "preserve" the prints in paper format to use in my crafts. Honestly I don't know how legal all this would be. I think it is OK as long as I don't sell the products.
I chose a "retro" font and typed all the contents as well, so it all looks neat.

I especially liked the retro print, which is on the bottom shelf and I have still not decided what I will make of it!
PS the picture quality is awful. I try to change them as soon as I get the photoshop back on my computer. My computer has been misbehaving, so still several programmes to load...

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