Monday, 15 February 2010

Bags for Everything

I like bags, purses and boxes and anything at all that can hold something. This is what I made for my husband for Christmas. They are for his laptop and graphic pad. I used African cotton and padded them with fleece and lined with unbleached cotton and used velcro for fastening the flap. I must admit that I almost did not give them to him, because I was so in love with them myself. Coveting the gift I had made for him! In the end I actually decided that I could easily produce similar ones for myself, if I really needed them. I haven't as it is, but I made this for my new mobile:

Looking at the material makes me smile, but next time I will plan my velcro sewing so that it won't show on the outside. The lining is made of hand dyed African cotton.
Something much less arty are these bags I made for my son, the same African cotton and old white sheet used for the project.:

They contain his lego, all sorted according the type (length, width and thickness) and labelled. Yes, we are nerdy in that way in our house, but when you own lego in the amounts that Elf Son does, this is the only way forward, if you don't want to lose your mind while searching for a certain bit.

February is so weird. It is such a long short month. Sometimes it just drags on and on, but this year it seems to dissappear before it started. I might not be around for a while, as it is school holidays and the Son and I are heading towards Scandinavia. We are back on the last day of this month. I will blog a little from our travels if I get access to a computer and time to use it. Hope your winter holidays are good!

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